How to Set Yourself Up for Success During the Bidding Process: Episode 824

Welcome to the podcast! Today, we have a special episode. Last week, we had our in-person event with our next-level and millionaire mastermind clients. One of the best parts about this retreat is when Mike roleplays with our clients about finding success in different parts of their business. Listen in as he roleplays with someone about how to take a call with someone looking for residential cleaning. 

  • 2:00 The Energy to Bring Into a Call 
  • 10:40 Questions to Ask on Your Initial Call 
  • 18:28 The Power of Making Them Feel Heard

Love the idea, but find it overwhelming? Want to learn the next steps like, what to actually say on the call? Jump on a call with one of our coaches and learn strategies on how to grow your cleaning company and start loving your job every day! Book here 

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