200: Radical Reinvention with Miriam Schulman

Reinventing yourself can sound intimidating, it may sound like betrayal on some level, and it can even feel inauthentic to some. To others, reinvention is an opportunity for rebirth and realizing your full potential. 

People often reinvent themselves to let go of what no longer serves them, get to new heights of success, and shed what they don’t like about themselves. Reinvention is something you can totally embrace as an artist and a creative as you grow in skill and move through different phases of your life. 

“Commit to reinvent yourself, to know that real growth happens in a place of discomfort.” Les Brown 

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In this episode, I'm sharing my story of radical reinvention. Moving several times in my childhood created the desire, the need, and the opportunity to reinvent who I was and how I was showing up for others, and most importantly for myself. 

Reinvention is a tool available to you at any time: 

  • Declaring yourself an artist and believing it for yourself 
  • Embracing your inner weirdo and not vilifying what makes you different 
  • Navigating the different phases of life, pain, and discomfort 

“This new identity explained my unique ability to look at ordinary things and see something that others didn't.” -Miriam Schulman 

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