Meet Bugs Bunny's Agent: Dan Romanelli! The Mind Behind Warner Brother's Consumer Products, Chuck Jones' Frigid Hare (1949), World of Mayhem's Snow Bunny, Eric Bauza and SO MUCH more!

This Episode was originally recorded in December of 2020 and I held it off until new Space Jam: A New Legacy promotion started as we discuss the history of the Space Jam Franchise!

Dan Romanelli is the man behind Warner Brothers Consumer Products and who allowed Bugs Bunny and Batman into Six Flags Theme Parks across the world! He brings a lot of stories to the show and I'm so thankful for the one regarding a Warner Brothers Store that was located in one of the Twin Towers during 9/11 that stood tall after the attacks.

Come along as we explore his legacy as well as examine a true Chuck Jones classic in Frigid Hare which introduced the Playboy Penguin.

Shorts Discussed: Frigid Hare (1949)

Characters introduced into The World of Mayhem: Snow Bunny

Bugs Bunny in drag!

Louis De Guzman has created an incredible piece of art that went on sale in December and sold out immediately! Check out his site for more info on how to get your hands on one of these fabulous scuptures!

Check out Love Your Melon for these cool Winter head warmers!


Space Jam: A New Legacy Arcade XBox Contest has ended and now you can see the winners!

Congrats to Ricky in the US and Narayan in India!


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