No Cost to Low-Cost Air Conditioning Tips | Trex Deck Kits Simplify Shopping | Cooling Roof Tech | Ep #2220

Show Notes: Now is a great time to make sure your home’s cooling plan is set to deliver both comfort and energy efficiency. We share low-cost to no-cost cooling tips that will do just that. Between the splinters and the staining, a wood deck can take a fun out of summer weekends. We highlight a better option available at Lowes called a Trex Deck Kit which makes updating or replacing your deck with beautiful new composite decking a breeze. Do you need a new roof and want to save on air-conditioning costs? You can actually do both. We’ll tell you about some very cool roofing technology that can help keep you comfortable and save you money. Plus, answers to your home improvement questions: Brick foundation walls have lasted over a century but mortar repair and repointing is needed to cover the next 100 years! Tom shares the best recipe to mix your own mortar from cement, sand and lime. Jenny says she needs a floor finish that can stand up to three dogs and a man! We walk her through how to refinish a floor. Have you ever noticed vinyl siding that’s buckled on one or more sides of your house? We help Earl understand why this is happening and what it’ll take to iron out those ruffles! Flagstone patios are a great start to an outdoor living space but not when the stones are loose and buckled. Darlene needs help restoring her patio for long term stability. If you are remodeling a house with plaster walls, should you remove the old plaster or cover the walls with new drywall? We help Earl avoid a valuable lesson Tom learned when taking this project on for the first time. Noisy pipes can be annoying. Tom helps listener Damian understand the hidden source of clicking and ticking sound inside the walls and floors of his house. Lauren is taking on a paint project in an old house and is worried about exposing her young kids to lead paint. Leslie shares her own experience and how to avoid exposure. Water heaters can drip, but it doesn’t always mean the tank is bad. Tom shares tips from his years of home inspection experience to help Michael track down the source of a leaking water heater and possibly even fix it himself.  Firepits are a popular project. Tom and Leslie help Michele with tips on how to build your own including the best mix of mortar. Marty wants to know the best way to repair a crack in brick without seeing the crack. Get tips on how to find and mix a color dye to match the brick. Do you have a home improvement or decor question? Call the show 24/7 at 888-MONEY-PIT (888-666-3974) or post your question here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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