Ep. 114 - Sgt Erik Goodge - Fire Support Man, OEF Vet, Purple Heart Recipient

Sgt Erik Goodge was a United States Marine Corps Fire Support Man that hails from Evansville, IN. He is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and, with other members of 2nd Battalion 8th Marine Regiment, deployed in support of President Obama's surge in Afghanistan.

During Goodge's discussion about his deployment, the listener hears what difficulties faced the Marines that were new to the area and what life was like for the infantryman and their enablers. Goodge also details how he was wounded by an IED that was initiated by an Afghan National Army soldier that resulted in 2 ANA deaths, 1 Marine death and multiple injuries within the patrol.

In addition to Goodge's time in the Marines, we discuss college benefits, cryptocurrency, investing and more. This is a really great conversation that I hope you enjoy. Make sure to subscribe on your favorite platforms!

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117 - Backpackable radio for tactical use
148 - Walkie-talkie style tactical radio
152 - Walkie-talkie style tactical radio
7-Ton - Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (Dump truck-sized military vehicle for hauling troops, supplies, etc.)
9-Line - CAS mission brief format
AAV - Amphibious Assault Vehicle (Also called Tracks)
ABC - ANGLICO Basic Course
ANG - Air National Guard
ANGLICO - Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
BLT - Battalion Landing Team
BRC - Basic Reconnaissance Course
CAR - Combat Action Ribbon
CAS - Close Air Support
CCT - Combat Control Team
CLB - Combat Logistics Battalion
CO - Commanding Officer
COC - Command Operations Center
COP - Combat Outpost
Corpsman - Navy medic attached to Marines
EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal
FAC - Forward Air Controller
FCT - Firepower Control Team
FDC - Fire Direction Control
FET - Female Engagement Team.
FSCC - Fire Support Coordination Center. Where fire missions are deconflicted and approved prior to shooting.
GBU - Guided Bomb Unit
GLT - Georgian Liaison Team. Georgian military advisors in Afghanistan.
Hesco Barrier - Earthen filled barriers used to make or reinforce outposts
HMMWV - High mobility multi-wheeled vehicle
IED - Improvised Explosive Device
IOC - Infantry Officer's Course
JDAM - Joint Direct Attack Munition (GPS guided bomb)
JTAC - Joint Terminal Attack Controller
LGTR - LASER Guided Training Round
M-ATV - MRAP All-terrain vehicle
MARSOC - Marine Corps Special Operations Command
MART - Marines Awaiting Recon Training
MCAS - Marine Corps Air Station
MCMAP - Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
MCRD - Marine Corps Recruit Depot
MCIWS - Marine Corps Instructor of Water Survival
MCT - Marine Combat Training
MEU - Marine Expeditionary Unit (Unit attached to ships for deployment)
MRAP - Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (armored vehicle)
MSOT - Marine Special Operations Team
MTU - Marksmanship Training Unit
OCS - Officer Candidate School
OP - Observation Post. An area where forward observers spot enemy positions and conduct fire missions on targets
PB - Patrol Base
PGM - Precision Guided Munitions
PID - Positive identification
PLDR - Portable Lightweight Designator Rangefinder
PosRep - Position Report
PSS-SOF - Precision Strike Suite Special Operations Forces. Targeting program.
RO - Radio Operator (Sometimes called an RTO)
ROMAD - Radio Operator, Mechanic, and Driver
R&S - Reconnaissance and Surveillance
SACC - Supporting Arms Coordination Center (FSCC on a ship)
SALT - Supporting Arms Liaison Team
SERE - Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape
SOCS - Special Operations Capabilities Specialist
SOI - School of Infantry
SOTG - Special Operations Training Group
S Shops - S-1 (Administration), S-2 (Intelligence), S-3 (Operations), S-4 (Logistics), S-6 (Communication)
SVBIED - Suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device
TACP - Tactical Air Control Party
Taco Rice - Greasy food for drunk Marines stationed in Okinawa
Water Dogs - Logistics Marines in charge of purifying water and running sanitation facilities
VBIED - Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device

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