76. Gut Health Part II with Dr. B

How can fiber, fermented foods, and sprouts improve your gut health? Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is back for another gut health episode to get into all the details that we didn’t cover last week! Get ready for some practical and actionable gut health tips from one of the USA's top gastroenterologists.


Show Notes:

  • The microbiome & why it matters so much for our health, energy, & wellbeing
  • A practical application of HOW to empower your microbiome to be its best
  • How fiber can reduce the risk of 6 of the top causes of death
  • The biggest misconception of fiber
  • How our gut microbes are supporting us more than we are supporting them
  • The power of short-chain fatty acids and how fiber produces them
  • How much fiber do we actually need, & is there such a thing as too much?
  • Why increasing fiber intake too fast can cause gut issues & how to ease into more fiber in your diet
  • Can juice cleansing impact your microbiome?
  • Which are most important: prebiotics, probiotics, or postbiotics?
  • The surprising truth about taking probiotics after antibiotics
  • How to properly support your gut before, during, & after taking antibiotics with plant-based food
  • How a plant-based diet can be better than restrictive diets like keto for weight loss
  • Raw vs cooked food & why it’s important to vary how you prepare your food
  • The power of fermented foods & sprouts
  • The impact of alcohol on our gut health
  • Part 2 of last week’s gut health challenge!
  • Thank you to our sponsors karviva and maxine’s heavenly



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