Chris Bumstead’s Training and Diet, Top 3 UFC Fighters of All Time, and Active Rest vs. Deloads

In this episode, I talk about the books I read in June, give a detailed look at Chris Bumstead's training and diet, and answer questions from listeners. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

Books I read in June:

  1. Ultimate Conditioning for Martial Arts – Loren Landow 
  2. Sparring Partners – John Grisham 
  3. How to Become a Straight-A Student – Cal Newport 
  4. Getting Things Done – David Allen


Questions on the show:

  1. I am currently in a fat loss phase and trying to balance being patient while making good progress. Do you have a general rule for determining the appropriate rate of weight loss? 
  2. I know you are a big UFC fan. Who are your top 3 MMA fighters of all time?
  3. Is it possible to get as strong as possible training by yourself? The reason I ask is, that I workout in my basement and don’t have anyone to spot me. 
  4. How do I convince my girlfriend to stop doing so much cardio and start lifting weights?
  5. Hey Kyle, I am curious about the difference between active rest and deload weeks? For someone trying to gain muscle how would you manipulate macros during this time?

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