Private companies are not subject to the First Amendment.

Guest Robert Nelon a partner at the national law firm Hall Estill joins Dave to discuss Facebook’s decision to uphold their ban on former president Trump’s account, Ben reviews the Supreme Court’s decision on the Van Buren Case. Dave's got the story of a US state pushing Google to be classified as a public utility. Programming note: Dave and Ben recorded in studio! While this show covers legal topics, and Ben is a lawyer, the views expressed do not constitute legal advice. For official legal advice on any of the topics we cover, please contact your attorney.  Links to stories: The Supreme Court pared down a controversial anti-hacking law Ohio sues to have Google declared a public utility Got a question you'd like us to answer on our show? You can send your audio file to or simply leave us a message at (410) 618-3720. Hope to hear from you. 

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