201: Your Values Matter with Shubhashree Sangameswaran and Miriam Schulman

Unlike many careers you can commit to, art and creativity is unique for many reasons. You may find other skillful careers people do as a side hustle in addition to their day job, but unless it’s creative work, how many accountants are doing taxes because it just feels good to their soul and their mental health?  

Art releases dopamine, it is therapeutic, and often it’s a form of self-expression and self-care. The list of benefits for amateurs and professionals are equally powerful. 

In this episode, Shubhashree Sangameswaran joins me and discusses all the ways art has added value to not only her life, but to the lives of others. It’s truly a gift that keeps giving when you find a way to align it perfectly with your values. 

Shubhashree started her work career as an engineer and didn’t reignite her passion for art until several years later. She is an illustrator, former artist and activist for sustainability. Though she left her career in engineering, Shubhashree is mindful of her role within society and its impact on her children. She lives a life aligned with her values through her art as an online instructor and creator. 

Key lessons with Shubhashree for everyone: 

  • A daily art practice for yourself has huge benefits in your self-care
  • Being curious creates new paths and opportunities if you allow it
  • You can use your art to spread positivity and messages of sustainability
  • Pivoting careers for what makes you feel alive and connected is possible even for a mother with a full-time career in engineering 

“Taking the time out to draw every single day for 100 days, in some way felt like I was just taking some part of the day back to myself” -Shubhashree Sangameswaran 

Shubhashree has been creating journals and illustrations for the Brooklyn Art Project dedicated to sustainability. You can check out both of her books Slowing Down and Let’s Talk Trash to support the cause. 

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