Growth Through Entrepreneurial Goals And Preventing Burnout - The Traffic and Funnels Show Ep #386

Goal setting is one of the factors for exponential growth as an entrepreneur. As your small business grows along with you, it is exciting to see the growth within your teams because this inspires more growth. However, with rapid growth also comes the dangers of a burnout. Check that your team's goals and vision align with yours, and keep records of your current achievements so that you will have a a place to fall back to.

In this episode, Chris Evans and Taylor Welch guide us through the wonders that a small business goes through and its evolution into greater things. As well as what to do to ensure that the business can keep thriving through sudden dips in results.

"To make a million dollars a month the person I need to become to do that is way better that what I am now." - Chris Evans

"We're always becoming something new. Every so often, you want to anchor where you are with something new." - Taylor Welch


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