99 Bronchiolitis

Dr. Reda Bassali, professor of pediatrics and pediatric hospitalist at the Medical College of Georgia, joins Dr. Zac Hodges and Gavriella Mendel (M3) to discuss this very important topic in pediatric medicine. What exactly is bronchiolitis and why is this topic so important? How do you make the diagnosis and what other diagnoses should you consider? What treatments work, and more importantly, which treatments do not? What patients can go home and who needs to be admitted? All of this and more from the Department of Pediatrics and the Medical College of Georgia.  Check out our website for detailed show-notes: https://www.augusta.edu/mcg/pediatrics/residency/podcast.php Special thanks to Dr. Kathryn McLeod for providing peer review for this episode. Citation: Hodges, Z. (Host). Bassali, R. (Host).  Mendel, G. (Host). McLeod, K. (Contributor). (2020, Nov 15). Bronchiolitis. (S1:18) [Audio Podcast Episode]. MCG Pediatric Podcast. Medical College of Georgia Augusta. Questions, comments, or feedback? Please email us at mcgpediatricpodcast@augusta.edu  Links:  NoseFrida-- https://www.nosefrida.com 

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