Motherhood ft. Kiran Manral a Meghna Pant

What is the right age to get pregnant? Are you allowed to complain about pregnancy?   What is something no one tells you about being a mother? Are epidurals safe? Is breastfeeding painful? How do you deal with post-partum depression? Do you fall in love with your baby? How will your baby affect your career?   This week, Dr. Munjaal sits down with authors Kiran Manral and Meghna Pant to discuss how they navigate pregnancy and motherhood. -- You can follow Kiran at @KiranManral and Meghna at @MeghnaPant 
 Dr. Munjaal practices at Namaha Healthcare and you can find him at @Scissortongue. If you have any questions or just want to share something, please send us an email or a voice note at 
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