Periods ft. Sofia Ashraf a Chitra Balachandran

How was your first period? Menstrual cramps - how much pain is too much pain? How does your workplace deal with women with periods? Do men know enough about periods? What is endometriosis? What is PCOD? How do you deal with PMS? Sex while on your period? Sanitary napkins, tampons, cloth pads or the cup? What do you do with social taboos around periods?   This week, Dr. Munjaal talks to fitness coach and dance instructor Chitra Balachandran and musician/activist Sofia Ashraf about their experience with periods, pain and menstrual products.   --   You can follow Chitra at @bombaybellyrina and Sofia at @onceuponasofie.   Dr. Munjaal practices at Namaha healthcare ( and you can find him at @Scissortongue. If you have any questions or just want to share something, please email us at   This is a Maed In India Production; check us out at

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