Soul Empowered Healing with Melissa Mitchell

The most heart-wrenching type of loss anyone could possibly endure is a parent losing their own child…by suicide. How MELISSA MITCHELL psychologically survived her son taking his own life is beyond a miracle. Taking the experience of this harrowing life altering event and transmuting it into something beautifully cathartic, meaningful and profound as her gift to the rest of the world…is beyond REMARKABLE. I am in absolute awe of this indomitable spirit! A NOT-TO-BE-MISSED SHOW on my C-Suite Radio / C-Suite Network Host Page! Always a keen student of human behavior and holistic well-being, Melissa has studied a variety of healing modalities. A voracious reader and an ardent student of life, she is constantly learning about and deepening her understanding of herself, her place in the world, and how she can best serve others. In her private practice, Sole to Soul Holistic Wellness, Melissa uses her combined studies and certifications in Akashic Records Reading, Reconnective Healing, Reflexology Therapy, Nutrition, and Psychology to help and inspire others to live at their highest possible level of well-being. Melissa has particular interest in empowering women to reclaim their true selves from within the busy-ness of their everyday lives and in how stress, traumatic life events, and PTSD impact our health and well-being in all planes of existence. Since the 2015 suicide death of her 25 year old son, she has focused on figuring out how to heal her shattered heart so that she could get unstuck from her complicated grief and move forward again, rebuilding her forever altered life from a place of personal power, purpose, and peace to thrive once again. Her healing journey inspired her to create and launch her online program Soul Empowered Healing for Mothers Surviving the Suicide Death of her Child: A guided path to reclaiming personal power, purpose, and peace. Now, it is Melissa’s mission to help other mothers find resilience, peace, and a path forward from their own devastating loss by helping them connect with the higher realms of information and light so they can find the answers they need to shine once again. Melissa believes the best wealth is health and that change is always possible. Her unique view of the world may leave you with a new perspective to consider. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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