Best of POSNA 2021 - Lower Extremity Subspecialty Day

Megan Young and Philip McClure of Children’s National and the International Center for Limb Lengthening, respectively, moderate the POSNA 2021 virtual Lower Extremity Subspecialty Day episode, discussing key abstracts from the upcoming annual meeting. Featured authors include Vanna Rochi from Navy Medical Center at Portsmouth, Oussama (“Sam”) Abousamra from Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and David Feldman from the Paley Institute in West Palm Beach. Your host is Craig Louer from Vanderbilt University. Music by A. A. Alto.   Abstracts discussed:    Rochi: “Patient reported PROMIS assessment in pediatric patients with tibial deficiency, fibular deficiency, and proximal focal femoral deficiency - A multicenter study”   Abousamra: “Angular Deformity before and after Temporary Epiphysiodesis for Leg Length Discrepancy”   Feldman: “Novel Treatment for Improving Knee Range of Motion in Patients with Arthrogryposis and Severe Knee Flexion Deformity”   For further information, see annual meeting program:   Please subscribe and send all feedback to

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