191: Control cravings with Breathwork & introducing BRULO Beer

Tim Van Der Vliet is a leading breathwork expert and teacher

You can sign up to Tim's course with a 30 per cent discount. 
Here is the link to the course, the discount runs out in a day or so
To get 30 per cent discount use this link and the code JANEY

Control Your Breath - Control Your Life. is a 6 weeks, once a week 90 minute session that may potentially change your life for the good, and forever. 
Tim also sent a link to one of his short youtube vids showing his morning routine with exercise (2 mins) and breathing (5 mins) - doable right!

 Watch this!  Morning routine
Tim's course with discount don't forget to use the code JANEY

This week our sponsor is BRULO beer, unique craft beer widely available in stores and online.

They have an exclusive offer 25 per cent off everything at BRULO webshop plus free delivery www.brulobeer.com

Discount code: SOBERCLUB25

Join us for the next Sober by the sea Sun 21 Aug and for support inspiration et al go to
The Sober Club 
If you are interested in training to be a Sober / Wellbeing coach dm or email janey@janeyleegrace.com

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