#66 | Dr. Nancy Schlossberg: Career Development, Transitions and Retirement Expert

Join us for an in-depth interview with Dr. Nancy Schlossberg who is an absolute icon in the space of Career Development, Retirement, Adult Transitions, Adults as learners, and Intergenerational Relationships.

In this podcast you will learn:

 √ What you should be thinking about when you prepare to retire

√ The six different retirement paths that Dr. Schlossberg created

√ Why adult children should hire their parents

√ What Career Services Providers should focus on

√ If Career Services Providers are biased

√ What Dr. Schlossberg and Ruth Bader Ginsburg have in common

√ About Transitions and how our reactions change

√ Who Dr. Schlossberg’s mentor is

√ About her work on the Strong Vocational Interest Inventory

√ About her role as an activist and as a researcher

√ Who Walter Reuther is

√ What is next for Dr. Schlossberg


Forward this podcast to:

√ Anyone thinking about retirement

√ Career Services Providers, Career Coaches, Career Counselors

√ Anyone in transition

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