Victoria's Lift Presents: The Viridian Wild 1.1 - Snurgle Snort

Victoria wanted  to share a show that she's been very much enjoying.

The Viridian Wild is created by our new sound designer, Davis Walden.

The Viridian Wild follows mythozoologist Sebastian Verwood as he travels the world studying magical creatures. Get more episodes wherever you listen to podcasts or at

In this episode:

Sebastian releases an animal into the wild.

(Content Warnings: Animal death, animal eating habits, animal mating habits, animal violence, animal injury, missing persons, animal attack, human death, humans as food source for animal, wilderness injury)

The Viridian Wild is created, written, and produced by Davis Walden with creative consulting by Nicole Miller. Our music is composed by Daryl Banner. This episode features the voice of Davis Walden as Sebastian.

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