If No One Told You This Today — I Am Proud Of You

Books by Bianca ➝ https://shopc.at/proud-of-you In this episode, Bianca helps us understand how capable and deserving we are of living a beautiful life. Her poetic reminders instill a sense of gratitude for how far we've come, and reassurance that so many rewarding experiences lie ahead. Whenever you need some love, encouragement or support, this episode will be here for you. “Nothing that you have been through has made you unworthy of living a life that brings you joy. Do not question the good that comes into your life. It was meant to find you, and it was meant to stay.” — Bianca Sparacino Skillshare is offering all of you listening to the podcast a free trial of a premium membership. Click below to learn more ⤓ • http://skillshare.com/InYourFeelings • Follow Bianca on Instagram ♥ • Follow us on TikTok • Subscribe to In Your Feelings on Spotify • Subscribe to In Your Feelings on iTunes • Sign up for B's Newsletter to receive podcast subscriptions, updates and more • Buy Creative Goods from ShopCatalog.com • Download our App

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