The Truth About How To Really Process Emotions

Why do we put ourselves through so much pain and suffering all in an attempt to simply avoid feeling a painful emotion?

Think about it:  How much BS have you put yourself through because you were trying to avoid that nagging sense of shame, or that crushing feeling of loneliness, or the aching feeling of resentment, anger, fear?

How many destructive decisions have you made out of impulse or avoidance or acting out in response to an emotion that you didn't know how to handle?

We get ourselves deep into avoidance tactics and addictive numbing behaviors, completely avoiding the healing that is available to us when we stop running.

You don't have to do this anymore.

This episode will help you understand the difference between pushing your feelings down and actually feeling, expressing, and releasing them.

It will also detail specific actions that you can take to start creating a more emotionally stable and secure environment for yourself.

When you do that you'll start to become less emotionally volatile in general, let alone when you're trying to avoid a particularly painful feeling. In other words, you'll just start feeling better more of the time.

Minute 7:15 is especially important, as is 9:30-11:30. 

You can also find the transcript here if you'd like to read rather than listen.

There are specific instructions in this episode that you can follow. They are simple, free, and universally accessible no matter your situation.

Enjoy, love.

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