119 — Jo-Ná Williams — The Entrepreneurial Attorney: Achieving Freedom by Serving Others

"I had to draw on my own resilience and grit to keep believing that yes, I could do this." - Jo-Ná Williams How can firm owners achieve a version of success that reaches the top while honoring personal development? What drew the young entrepreneur to the creative industry of singing and songwriting? What fortuitous adversity was the genesis behind Jo-Ná's motivation to become a lawyer? What did she learn from 70 NOs it took her to get one YES? In a world vocal about prioritizing self-care, is there room for the grind mentality when starting a business? What habits has Jo-Ná adopted to be able to stay in the game — at peak performance — for the long term? Go the Distance Entrepreneurship whispers many promises: freedom, security, autonomy, and creative expression. Success is not possible for the faint of heart or weak-willed. To go the distance, the refrains of “grind” in the church of hustle are nonstop. While striving day after day for perfection, burnout often looms on the horizon, a seemingly inevitable byproduct of securing the win. But what if attorneys could build the firm of their dreams that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside? World-renowned attorney and business strategist Jo-Ná Williams lays legal foundations for businesses to flourish. Under her guidance, business owners have enjoyed seven-figure growth while remaining grounded in personal development goals. She helps create businesses that feel more like home than a war zone, removing the day-to-day constant battle. With 23 years in the entertainment industry, the founder of Jo-Ná Williams has dedicated her life to educating and protecting entrepreneurs. Recently named a Top 40 Lawyer under 40 by the National Black Lawyers, she has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, Fortune, and more. She discusses the grit necessary to achieve her goals, the paradox of self-care in entrepreneurship, and marrying the internal measures of success with the needs of an evolving industry. The Secret to Being Happy Success is measured by internal satisfaction. Jo-Ná reminds us that the success of others should serve as inspiration for what is possible, not the ever-moving benchmark of personal achievement. Combine the achievements of others with personal goals to level up. As attorneys and entrepreneurs, the goals that dictate our measure of success can be shifted or changed entirely. Evaluate the trajectory. Trust yourself to know what you want. Chart a new course when necessary. "When I am in alignment with my values, grounded, caring for my internal and external wellbeing, I'm not worried about what everyone else thinks I should be doing. I know that I am on track, and I feel most successful." - Jo-Ná Williams Key Takeaways: Ask for help. Hire advisors to help run the firm. Even the best education can't teach you everything. Success is never achieved in isolation. Slow down to maintain velocity. To successfully navigate challenges, firm owners must be creative and malleable. Take time out to reset, recenter, and recover. Sidestep burnout and come back stronger. Give more. Shift your focus to helping others succeed. Gratitude and a sense of accomplishment are natural byproducts of each win. Links and Resources The Game Changing Attorney Podcast Michael Mogill Facebook Michael Mogill Twitter Michael Mogill Instagram Michael Mogill LinkedIn Crisp Website Crisp Facebook Crisp Twitter Crisp Instagram Crisp LinkedIn Jo-Ná Williams Website Jo-Ná Williams LinkedIn Jo-Ná Williams Twitter Author Michael Mogill, Crisp, and Jo-Ná Williams

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