Ken Cunnigham and David Shayne: Behind the LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation

I had the opportunity, through Lucasflm, to talk to the director, Ken Cunnigham and Executive Producer / Writer, David Shayne of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation special.

This is a really quick, really fun deep dive into the newest addition of the LEGO universe, and I had an absolute blast talking to them both. (To set the scene for all you audio listeners, yes, I was wearing a tank-top and a Skywalker Ranch butter dish Hawaiian shirt.)

Sit back and enjoy the vibes.

Thank you so much to Ken and David, as well as Lillian and Rachel at Lucasfilm for coordinating all of this. The special is so much fun and comes out this Friday, August 5, on Disney+. Highly recommended on my end.

We have some cool episodes coming up very soon, including one with Senior Editor at Del Rey Books, Tom Hoeler. (And maybe a couple of surprises too.)

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