How to Shift Your Focus from Money to Purpose with Eric Levine

Do you need to shift your focus from money to purpose? When you have a goal of improving people’s lives your focus will shift and your nonprofit will succeed. 

Remarkable Quotes:

Eric: Success in any way is to have a disciplined morning 

Travis: Provide value to people first, when you're focused on money, you end up closed-handed

Eric: You want to be at the beginning of the wave, ride it up to the crest. Timing is everything,

Eric: We're all architects of our own lives



{01:15} The importance of starting your day off right. 

{05:00} Going to Asia to build a Gym Empire

{10:25} Trusting your instincts 

{16:15} Be at the Beginning of the Wave

{26:15} Having the goal of improving people’s lives, not just making money

{39:32} Knowing your self worth


Eric Levine bio:

Eric Levine started in the fitness industry in 1979, when he was the first franchisee for Golds Gym, and opened a chain of six clubs. These six clubs were the most profitable in the entire Gold chain of more than 100 clubs. During that time Mr. Levine established Super Gym Advertising and Marketing company, the exclusive worldwide agency for all Gold’s Gyms, winning many international awards including the silver medal at Cannes! Eric then became a partner with Ray Wilson Family Fitness Centers, which grew to 72 locations. Eric went on to Asia and created California Fitness in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia. His clubs broke every imaginable record for fitness centers around the world.

Eric then sold the chain of California Fitness centers to 24Hour Fitness, retaining a share in that company. In 2004 24Hour Fitness sold for an incredible US$1,700,000,000. Eric was also the founder of Planet Yoga and Bikram Yoga in Asia, the first large yoga studio anywhere! Eric is currently an investor with Mark Mastrov in New Evolution Ventures which owns and manages such companies as UFC gyms worldwide. Eric has an exciting new company, combined with Revolution Recrafted, in a partnership with world champion boxing legend Manny Pacquiao! The new company is called Hitt by Manny and provides a boxing and full-body workout in a boutique setting. Eric is also the CEO of Eric Levine Global Fitness Expert, a fitness consulting company specializing in all aspects of the industry!

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