Will Bringing Down Inflation Cause a Big Spike in Unemployment?

As the Fed tries to combat inflation by raising interest rates and cooling down the economy, it risks moving us into a recession and causing a big spike in unemployment.  Now, there is a fight brewing about how big the jump could be or if it will be more of a soft landing like the Fed wants.  As it stands now, there has been a small drop in job openings, but there are still roughly two jobs open for each unemployed worker.  Courtenay Brown, economics reporter at Axios, joins us for the inflation vs. jobs fight.


Next, when it comes to student debt, the fastest-growing demographic of borrowers are those aged sixty-two and older.  Of the forty-five million Americans who have student debt, one in five are over fifty and we have seen their student loan balances increase over 500%.  One example of how bad it can get… a woman took out a $29,000 federal loan in 1983, she is now 91 and owes more than $329,000.  Eleni Schirmer, organizer with the Debt Collective and contributor to The New Yorker, joins us for how more Americans are aging into their debt.

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