Bonus Pod - Dispatches from the Chennai Olimpiad with GM Axel Bachmann and Mr. Dodgy of Chessable

I have been enjoying the ongoing Chess Olimpiad so much that I wanted to hear first hand from some people on the scene about what its like to be there. I am joined by 2 separate guests to give their impressions from Chennai. GM Axel Bachmann is the first board for Paraguay, a former top 100 player in the world, and a 6 time chess Olimpian. Axel discusses the early notable results, the conditions of the venue, and noteworthy results early in the tournament. Following Axel, I am joined by Michael Duke aka Mr. Dodgy of Chessable. Dodgy discusses the chess fever in India, his role as a coach for the Jersey women's team, and shares a few observations from the fabled Bermuda party. 0:00- Intro Mentioned:  Chessbase India YouTube Channel YouTube Channel  Gotham Chess Channel  NM Bryan Tillis’ Chessable Olimpiad Course (use code Perpetual30 to save 30% if you subscribe)  6:00- GM Axel Bachmann joins me from Chennai after round 5. Axel discusses what has struck him about India, how this compares to other Olimpiads, and his and Paraguay’s early results.  31:00- The famous Mr. Dodgy aka Michael Duke of Chessable joins to give the fan’s/coaches perspective of the Olimpiad.  Video- Chessbase India: The complete venue tour of the Chess Olimpiad Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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