How much land does a person need?

The real estate market is red hot and people are buying up land and homes.  But how much land does a person need?  Find out in this episode.  Oh and as a reminder this starts the new formatting for the episodes.  The music is new and credited during the episode.  And the format is new.  Going forward I will be offering a story on Friday nights.  This change is because you the listeners told me that having an inspirational message to create thought and having a bedtime story to create sleep all in the same episode is counter productive. And I listened.  For now on I will have Friday night stories and for those of you who want more please think of becoming a supporter for $4.99 a month.  Being a subscriber gives you two episodes a week - and both without any ads.  One is an inspirational message on Tuesdays and the other is a story on Fridays.  You can support the podcast one of two ways - either by going to my website and clicking on premium podcast or by doing so online here at

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