205: Forget Perfectionism in Your Art

What Artists Can learn from the Venice Biennale Curator 

This is the world’s longest running, large scale survey of contemporary art. It is looked to locally and internationally to discover the next new great artist. The curator is Cecilia Alemani, and I went to hear her share her insights about the exhibition. She went into detail about how she made the multitude of decisions involved in this exhibit.  

Hear how she uses a 3D layout and how she chose the name for the exhibition in addition to how she selected the art itself. Her strategies are something you can use as well.  

Classic Artist Mistakes 

On the upper west side in NYC, there’s a “flea market” every Sunday. I have checked it out a few times and I wanted to coach some of the artists so that they could sell more art and make more money.  

  1. Collect addresses to follow up – this is too not be doing it.  
  2. Offer to keep in touch. I had to ask an artist multiple times how I could connect with him in the future. Make it easy! 

Download The Artists Profit Plan 

Where Can You See Bansky in New York City 

I recently saw graffiti art here in NYC by the street artist Bansky. He’s from Great Britain and in addition to his art, he is also an activist. Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based Street artist, political activist and film director whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed and the subject of speculation. 

He combines existing items into his art. If you are in NY, you can see his art on the south wall on the Designer Show Warehouse at 79th street and Broadway. The owner of the building has taken steps to preserve the art, so hopefully it will be there for many more years.  

The Art World remembers Edmonia Lewis 

I love to find the most interesting stamps when I go to the post office. Nothing wrong with the flag, but why not find something more interesting? In February during black history month, I bought some stamps featuring Edmonia Lewis. Check out her story. 

She was the first sculptor of African American and Native American (Mississauga) descent to achieve international recognition. Her father was Black, and her mother was Chippewa (Ojibwa) Indian.  

She has a fascinating life story and despite a number of setbacks she never stopped creating art. You’ll be inspired by her story and her tenacity. 

More on this topic: The Rise of the Black Portrait Artist 

Forget Perfectionism in Your Art 

Let’s talk about the deliberate mistake. In many handmade Persian rugs and carpets, you will discover the deliberate mistake. Followers of Islam believe only Allah makes things perfectly, and therefore to weave a perfect rug or carpet would be an offence to God. 

If you are plagued with perfectionism, or find yourself being hyper critical of your work, I have a resource to help. Don’t allow your inner critic stop you from creating or keep you from promoting your artwork.  

Download  9 Mantras to Silence Your Inner Critic  

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