158: MOSE – Co-creating with The Spirit of Plants, Cacao Dance and Being A Channel for Healing Through Music

Mose’s music is on all of my cacao ceremony playlists (like this one) – it is thanks to him that I discovered Ayla Schafer, Danit, Suyana and other healers through song. His creations truly carry a vibration beyond words, and I’m grateful that we get to meet the heart behind the music that’s been a huge part of my life. 

In this moving conversation, we cover: 

  • Co-creating with the spirit of plants
  • Founding weekly cacao dance (cacao ceremony with ecstatic dance) at Eagles Nest on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala
  • Cacao as a grounding plant medicine 
  • Where to buy ceremonial cacao 
  • The role that cacao has played in Mose’s music and creative self-expression 
  • How Mose found his home in Guatemala 
  • Building bridges between cultures through ceremony
  • The power of intention
  • The difference between edit and remix
  • How Mose’s edit of Danit’s Naturaleza led to the explosion of his audience
  • How Mose chooses who to collaborate with and what ceremonial songs to edit
  • What is medicine music?
  • Being a channel for what wants to come through 
  • Who is Mose the artist, really? 
  • The story of creating Shante Ishta song with Suyana
  • Being funded by Source by sharing his music on YouTube and Spotify 
  • Why going on annual solo retreats is instrumental to his work
  • The energetics behind a creative process 


Cacao dance on YouTube

Ceremonial cacao mentioned by Mose 

Ksenia’s favorite ceremonial cacao 

Keith’s Cacao

Danit – Naturaleza (Mose edit)

Mose & Suyana – Shante Ishta

Arrival movie


Moon Course

Ilumina retreat in Costa Rica with Mose and Sam Garrett

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About Mose:

Mose is based in Guatemala on the beautiful volcanic crater lake of Atitlán where cacao ceremonies, kirtan, and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here that he founded weekly cacao dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance in a container of deep intention, free of alcohol. Having been nomadic since 2011, he has developed a sound all his own through interaction with cultures from around the globe. When he is not touring the world or playing these special events in Guatemala, he spends his time going into extended periods of retreat and silence, only to emerge with a deeper, truer and more refined sound. Beyond the multicultural rhythms and the steady hypnotic beat, Mose weaves ephemeral chanting of sacred songs and calls to love, kindness and compassion, often bringing in live musicians to create something beautiful and timeless. There is a universal element to his organic sound that appeals to a wide range of audiences, from the relaxed chill out space to the dance floor.

Connect with Mose: 


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/29osCpAsrEiHxE8t6khiJr

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mosemusica

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