Intel Takes The L - WAN Show August 5, 2022

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors)

0:00 Chapters

1:16 Intro

1:44 Topic #1 - Even MORE trouble for Intel's ARC

2:18 Third parties are leaving ARC behind

4:14 Intel struggles with RMA, NCIX stories

6:21 ONE halts production, board partners not interested

10:18 Wafer production, AV1 encoder

15:02 Merch Messages #1, LTT backpack launched!

16:22 LTTStore products that would work with backpack

22:04 Lab doing USB hub reviews, dashcam rant

26:32 Lab publishing a chart of tested products

28:02 Linus wants to show off a minimally viable product

30:52 Testing throughput, website design, Chroma UPS

41:14 WAN hoodie & backpack promo

41:36 Linus's & Luke's favorite freeware software

45:46 Woman sizes update

46:48 LTTStore version of wrist rests

50:28 Labs' reply to testing USB power banks & hubs

54:12 Impact of China V.S. Taiwan on the tech community

57:16 Hasbro pulse selfie to figures

1:02:24 Boomer "garbage", testing range

1:06:36 Whether labs would do durability testing

1:09:50 Paw patrol, favorite dog plush

1:10:38 LTT Backpack warranty

1:12:30 Ethernet cable routing in brick walls

1:13:06 TV video & charging solutions

1:14:32 Sponsor - Shortform

1:16:01 Sponsor - Squarespace

1:16:56 Sponsor - MSI

1:17:32 Discussing LTTStore support tickets

1:18:24 Topic #2 - Amazon buys iRobot, creator of Roomba

1:21:48 Topic #3 - Europeans upset about LTT shipping

1:22:46 Linus on subsidized shipping costs

1:25:38 Taxes on the free stickers being refunded

1:26:54 Shopify development takes time

1:28:26 Idea to have variable costs dependent on areas

1:30:30 Another warehouse would not lower the costs

1:32:30 Backpack release went greatly, different ideas

1:35:58 Labs testing headphones

1:36:38 Topic #4 - Whale LAN highlights

1:36:48 Whale LAN L4D tournament, Linus & OG crew

1:40:10 Halo CE Blood Gulch

1:42:36 Linus rages is not a quiet gamer

1:48:24 Miner VGA tournament

1:52:04 Space cadet on Steam Deck, CS tournament

1:53:58 Topic #5 - Google now has two Google Meets

1:55:00 Linus rants about the stupidity of the matter

1:56:14 Discussing changes & Duo changes

1:59:02 Meet app is now updated to "Meet (Original)"

1:59:24 Merch Messages #2

1:59:32 LTT HDR update

2:01:20 Thoughts on smartwatches

2:03:12 What IT freelancer Luke did to find work

2:05:10 Exercise routines

2:06:38 PSU SATA cables are not cross-compatible

2:09:14 LTTStore wallets idea

2:10:32 How Linus feels about VTubers & smart speakers

2:16:52 Would Linus get an RFID implant?

2:17:20 Luke on road mapping, developing & planning

2:21:06 Transferring data between phones

2:22:14 Outro

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