Play! Pokémon GO - S3 EP1 - Stadium Cast

On this episode of StadiumCast, Holesome & JR are literally pogging out at the upcoming Play! Pokémon World Championships, the future of the structure, and our favorites for the Pokémon Meta and Competitors. Controversy is afoot and we must decide whether GO Battle League is a serious competitive league or be cancelled on Twitter by the Leaderboard Climbers. We take a Deep Deep Dive into the World Championship and Open Great League Meta and then board the Train into the speculation station to beg and plead our lord and savior John Hanke for buffs and nerfs galore post worlds.

  • Play! Pokémon is here  for Pokémon GO!
  • GO Battle League: Why so Serious?!
  • Deep Dive into the Worlds Meta
    • Let’s Talk about the big Walrus in the room…
    • Medi Medi Punchy, it will come, it will see, it will counter
    • Better here, better there, Sableye will be everywhere
    • It’s not Halloween just yet, but scary Tree is already in costume
    • No one will be shocked to see Galarian Stunfisk, because it resists electric Trainer!
    • Everything else in the Meta is Trash, quite literally, Mr. Trashcan is still Zapping and Steeling wins away
  • Speculation Station
    • Buffs & Nerfs & Movesets OH MY!!

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Hosts - JRHonda121  & Holesome_

Show Art by KitsuneKurisu & Rambling Rabbit

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