Weekly Review With Clay and Buck H1 - Aug 6 2022

Buck hosts solo while Clay "takes a deserved vacation with the family." He promises there will be no kegs or refuse of parties strewn around when Clay returns. Buck thinks through the ramifications of Pelosi's Taiwan trip: Does America really want to go to war with China over Taiwan? He says, "Full-scale war with China over Taiwan? We're not treaty bound. We have a strategic ambiguity policy. Think about that." Nancy Pelosi is no freedom fighter. Buck says, "Pelosi's always playing an angle for Team Pelosi." Good news: Grain shipment leaves Ukraine. Joe Manchin proves he's just another lying Democrat. Buck can't believe the people of West Virginia have voted for him so many times and to remember that he IS a Democrat. Democrat spending bill will not fight inflation. Buck takes calls on Taiwan.

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