133: Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten? with Susie Allison, Founder of Busy Toddler

Is my child ready for kindergarten? What should I do to prepare? What skills do they need? More than ever, parents are scrambling to make sure their children have “kindergarten readiness.” 

But the skills our children really need for kindergarten are far different than we might think they are. Today, I’m joined by Susie Allison, founder of Busy Toddler, to break down how to really prepare your child for kindergarten. 

(This is the first episode of our 3-part back-to-school series. Catch our upcoming episodes on managing anxiety about school with Dr. Becky Kennedy of Good Inside and supporting your child through transitions with Jess VanderWier of Our Mama Village.)

Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3Q90MbZ

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