481: Build an Unstoppable Real Estate Portfolio with the “Core 4”

David Greene is great at coining new terms, just like his co-host Brandon Turner. Today we talk about the “Core 4” of any successful real estate investor's team. This includes the agent/deal finder, the property manager, the lender, and the contractor. Without these Core 4, you’ll have trouble building a real estate empire, especially if you’re doing so long distance. The good news? Even if you’re a brand new investor, you can start building out these relationships today!

With the help of BiggerPockets, you can find agents, lenders, property managers, and contractors. You can also head over to the forums and chat with other investors in your area, get their take on who’s the best in the business, and use their referrals to grow your team.

Are you an agent, lender, contractor, or property manager? Great! Brandon and David drop some tips on how you can attract the best clientele that will help you grow your businesses as well. The most important part of any of this is having open, honest, consistent communication with your team members and making sure nothing is falling through the cracks so everyone knows exactly what they should be doing.

In This Episode We Cover:

What the “Core 4” is and why it’s crucial for all real estate investors

How to find an agent using BiggerPockets’ agent directory

What agents can do to find clients that will close many times over

Why you should never “just go for the rate” when comparing lenders

Why a great property manager should be out of sight and out of mind

Choosing a contractor who ISN’T just an “order taker”

And So Much More!

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