44 - Psychology of Fundraising: Renewing Donors

In this episode of the 7-Figure Fundraising podcast, Trevor Bragdon and Tarren Bragdon discuss the psychology of fundraising and how it applies to renewing existing donors. They look at the different reasons donors renew and what you can do to set yourself up for your renewal meeting. The goal is to have your major donors happy to meet you and renew their support. This is the second episode in a  series on the Psychology of Fundraising.

How to Build a Donor Pitch Video: https://youtu.be/oP7q_wCBGcc

Show notes: https://www.7figurefundraising.com/podcast/psychology-of-fundraising-renewing-donors
Learn more about our workshop: https://www.7figurefundraising.com/7ff-workshop

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