The Diva's 471st Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva of DOOL as we discuss this past week's show. The DiMera's are back! Tony, EJ and Chad challenge their brother Jake for control of DiMera. A meeting is called and the scheming begins. Each side tries to count and determine who will be on their side. Ultimately it comes down to Kate! Chad urges Kate to vote against Jake or he will expose her lies. EJ tells Sami he has found Kristen and wants to get her vote. Sami warns him against it. EJ finally meets his brother Jake. EJ runs into two of Sami's ex's. Nicole tries to get the goods on Sami through Lucas. Lucas informs Sami what Nicole is up to. Rafe has dreams of kissing Nicole. Brady finds out Nicole's secret. Paulina tells Lani she slept with her father. Roman and Abe also discuss Abe's night of passion. Julie checks out Ally and Chanels donuts. Kayla investigates Gwen's medical records. Xander comes in on Dr Snyder threatening Gwen. Xander threatens to kill him but lets him go and the good doctor suffers a heart attack and dies. Xander and Gwen decide to try and get rid of the body. Julie arrives to see a passed out body on her couch. Jack almost does the same. More comings and goings plus spoilers. Also reaction to the DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS. 

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