Why Laying a Solid Foundation Will Save You Years of Costly Mistakes: Episode 841

Today on the podcast, we have Mary Faith Olsen who is just finishing our program. She started her residential cleaning company in Manchester, New Hampshire in May 2022 so she’s very new. But after having her third baby and missing much of the childhood of her first two children from having to work 9-5, she decided that she wanted to work for herself this time. She dabbled for a bit without much success and it was really a hit to her confidence, but after talking to a friend, she decided it was time to really go for it and give this her all. It was then that she joined the Clean Profit Method and has seen a huge shift in the way her business is running this time. 

  • 14:29 Deciding to Go For it
  • 18:23 Building a Clientele You Love 
  • 24:42 Getting it Right From the Beginning

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