Better Sex (a Love) Through MDMA

This week, Raya is joined by Charles a Shelley Wininger. Over the past 20 years, Charley, 71 years old, and Shelley, 69 years old, have found MDMA to act as a kind of romantic glue for them. They've used it intentionally to enhance and deepen their bond, with its positive effects on their marriage accumulating over time. They explain that they’ve done MDMA carefully and responsibly together over 70 times. We chat through how the drug has rejuvenated them both emotionally and sexually as they’ve entered their senior years.  Get a copy of Listening To Ecstacy here.  Do you have suggestions for any future topics? Drop Raya an email at and you might hear your idea on the next episode! For more Raya on IG: @rayacarmona  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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