Repression a Religion ft. Bonavega

This week, Raya is joined by musician Bonavega to discuss coming from a religious background and breaking out of that shell. Bonavega details how he's found himself through his music, including not conforming to any gender or sexuality norms and even the subject matter he sings about, as well as how this personal exploration has actually led to healthier relationships. Listen to Bonavega's music here! Was That Good For You Merch Drop 1 is still available, but going fast! Support the show by visiting to grab limited edition pieces including tees, crewneck sweaters, one of a kind vintage and more! Have a question or comment on today's topic? Do you have any wild sex stories you want to share? Or do you have suggestions for any future topics? Give Raya a call at (424) 245-5102 or email her at and you might hear your call/email on the next episode! For more Raya on IG: @rayacarmona  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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