Alligator Candy and Day X

When journalist David Kushner was four-years-old, his older brother biked off to buy him his favorite gum. In "Alligator Candy" from UCP Audio, Kushner struggles to come to terms with the loss and the thought that his request led to tragedy. FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "ALLIGATOR CANDY" GO TO MINUTE 28:15 The discovery of a handgun at an airport led authorities to a German soldier posing as a Syrian refugee and the possibility right-wing extremists had infiltrated the nation’s military. The New York Times podcast “Day X” looks at the rise of German extremists, the political figures they were targeting, and their crimes hidden in plain sight. FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "DAY X" GO TO MINUTE 1:04:00 In Crime of the Week: Do not pass Go.  Click here to get the Crime Writers On After Show, plus more exclusive content, on Patreon.: See for privacy information.

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