Number 1 Realtor In Long Island With 182 Transactions In 2020! | GSD Mode Podcast w/ Bryan Karp

???? GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Bryan Karp & Joshua Smith. Bryan Karp is ranked in the Top 25 out of ALL real estate agents in the United States, based on transaction count in 2020!


In 2020, he did 182 transactions for $72 MILLION in gross volume sales and the year before that he did 205 transactions! That’s 387 transactions in just 24 months, and half of that was during a pandemic and working around lockdown restrictions! He’s the #1 Real Estate Agent in Long Island, a 2-time All American College Athlete, and is just absolutely DOMINATING his space and overcoming adversity every step of the way! Don’t miss this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, this one is one of the best yet! #GSDMode4Life



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