A Discussion on Labor Spend

There are a lot of vendors that capitalize on a company's inability to properly manage labor-based categories. Rich Ham (the CEO) and Matt Smith (the CFO and Executive VP) of Fine Tune join me today to discuss the management of these labor categories. Where do they see some of the biggest gaps in a company's abilities to do this? What can be done to remedy an otherwise tough situation? Listen to this procurement-focused episode of Negotiations Ninja to learn more! 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:54] The nitty-gritty on Rich Ham + Matt Smith
  • [4:47] The inability to properly manage labor categories
  • [13:23] Managing a service versus an expense are two different disciplines
  • [18:35] Separating the labor hour from the operation of the labor hour
  • [20:32] What do you focus on in your negotiations?
  • [23:18] How to operationalize and manage a labor-based contract
  • [28:20] What can procurement teams do proactively 
  • [31:14] How to connect with Rich Ham + Matt Smith

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