How Eric Worral Makes $40K Per Month With YouTube Affiliate Marketing

What do you do if you have a niche website that's already getting some traffic but you also want to get additional traffic from youtube?

Or how do you start a YouTube channel from scratch and find a subject that you know is actually going to be able to rank on YouTube and make you some money?

Today on the podcast I'm talking with Eric Worral - he is a YouTube expert. In fact, he is now making over $40K per month from affiliate marketing on YouTube.

He makes a bunch of videos in various niches, and he's learned a process for finding low competition keywords with high search volume. They also have good earnings per click rates and/or affiliate payouts.

We're going to walk through the process of how he does keyword research for YouTube, starts and builds channels, and how to best monetize them.

Eric's been very successful in his business and is very knowledgeable about YouTube. I think you're going to enjoy this discussion - it will either get you fired up about creating YouTube videos or answer your questions about whether or not you should get into it!

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