148. Establishing a Weekly Creative Schedule. A Game-Changer for Artists!

Life sure is hectic, isn’t it?? Between work, hobbies, children, and all of the other aspects that make up life as a whole, it can be hard to maintain consistency, clarity, and structure.

In this podcast episode, you will hear how I schedule my week as an artist, business owner, and parent. The goal here is to give you some simple tips and ideas that you can incorporate into your daily, weekly, and monthly routines to make staying on top of your many tasks as easy as possible.

This routine reflects my current focus on creating art classes, but the ideas can be applied to any creative pursuit.

Some key points that we are going to focus on in our discussion today will be:

  • Choosing projects that are joyful for you but also have some deadlines. Committing to a class, challenge, or group show that creatively excites you is a great way to put this into action.
  • Planning, planning, planning! Figuring out a detailed, yet somewhat flexible, daily, weekly and monthly plan should make your days flow much smoother. When you have an idea of what each day is going to look like, it makes it easier to maintain a balance between work and personal tasks.
  • Setting a weekly routine will be a game-changer! But what can a productive weekly schedule for an artist/business owner/parent look like?

Clear purpose, boundaries, and prioritization are going to be crucial takeaways to listen for in our discussion as well.

If you want to get back on track and hear some beneficial tips to make your daily life a bit easier to manage, make sure to listen to the podcast episode here!

Hope you enjoy!

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