137. Reductions and TH transitions

English words and phrases can be really challenging sometimes.
In these how-to-pronounce episodes published on Fridays, I’ll help you with the pronunciation of challenging words and common names.
This week we’re going to talk about how to pronounce “there are” and “they are”, as well as the challenging TH-S transition.

Here’s a loose transcription of the phrases as explained in the episode:

  • They are = They’re = There: ther [IPA: ðer]
  • There are: the-r’r [IPA: ðerər]
  • Is the: iz-thuh [IPA: ɪzðə ]
  • Has them: haz-th’m [IPA: hæzðəm]
  • With some: with-s’m [IPA: wɪθsəm]

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