How the Pandemic Saved an Alaskan Adventure - Donovan Lucibello

Donovan Lucibello hadn’t ridden a motorcycle in years, but when he discovered dual sport riding he decided that he wanted to ride from Montana to Alaska. Having a short window he rode one way and decided to leave his motorcycle in Anchorage with a plan to return the next year. But as it is with life, other things got in the way and then he started a new job. When he was laid off in June of last year he was crushed, but the very next day he made the decision to return to Alaska and finish his trip. And although the country was in the midst of a historic pandemic, he found that he was made to feel welcome by the hospitality, perseverance and generosity of the people he met. For Donovan, the trip to Alaska was ‘motorcycle therapy’ that helped to set him right again.

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