Alfie Hewett

He's 23, with 16 Grand Slam titles to his name and focused on winning his first Wimbledon singles title. Yet British wheelchair tennis champion, Alfie Hewett, is facing the end of his career because of a change in rules. The elite sportsman, from Norwich, Norfolk, is currently ineligible to compete beyond 2021 after being told by the International Tennis Federation that his disability is not severe enough. Mark Coles talks to friends, family and career professionals to find out how the sports-loving six year-old was suddenly forced to adapt from running around a football pitch to being in a wheelchair. And how this life-changing event has shaped him into the player he is today. Presenter: Mark Coles Researchers: Lauren Moore, Sowda Ali and Bethan Head Production Co-ordinator: Janet Staples Producer: Sally Abrahams Studio Engineer: Rod Farquhar Editor: Alex Lewis

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Alfie Hewett3 months ago

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