The Diva's 472nd Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva of DOOL as we discuss this past week's show. Tony, EJ and Chad successfully orchestrate a coup to oust Jake at DiMera. Kate is the deciding vote and goes against Jake. EJ and Chad both want to be in charge, but Tony comes up with a solution. Kate reveals her deception to Jake and Gabi. Jake tells Gabi he wants to move out of the DiMansion. Sami and Lucas discuss EJ and Kristen and their little secret. Ally walks in on their arguement. Eli plans a surprise Anniversary party for Lani. Abe mistakenly lets it slip to Lani. Doug and Julie plan for the party as Theo and Ciera return to Salem. Ciera demands Ben sign the divorce papers and tells him her and Theo are engaged. Paulina is feeling guilty about her plans and almost tells Lani. Abe and Paulina discuss their relationship and their dreams. Paulina decides to go ahead with the destruction of the Horton Town Square and Eli and Abe race to stop it. Xander tells Gwen he got rid of the Doctor's body. Ben, Tripp, Chanel and Ally go swimming and discover a dead body. Eli questions Tripp who implicates Gwen. Rafe has a one on one discussion with Duke about his feelings for Nicole. Philip wants another chance with Chloe and wants her to come work for Titan. More spoilers and preview of upcoming weeks. DAYS fans received sad news of the passing of Philice Sampler who portrayed Renee on DOOL during the 80's. We send our condolences to her friends and family.

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