92. Confidence, Decision Making and Creating the Life you Deserve with Career & Self-Mastery Expert Shadé Zahrai

Today, I chat with Shadé Zahrai who is an award-winning strategist, career performance specialist and sought-after self-mastery expert.  

Following a successful 10+ year corporate career in the law, banking and strategy consulting, Shadé has become a bestselling author, TEDx speaker and was recently recognised as Adweek’s Careers Creator of the Year. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Yahoo Finance & the Daily Mail.  

Shadé pairs neuroscience and psychology to tackle many different areas of dominating a skilful, successful mindset, helping thousands of professionals to level-up in their career.  

In today’s podcast episode, Shadé and I talk about imposter syndrome, confidence, powerful decision making, procrastination and creating the life you deserve.  

You can connect with Shadé via her website or through Instagram or TikTok.

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