Atlassian Offers a Masterclass in Growth; Senior Growth Product Manager Shows us How

Atlassian is the powerhouse behind popular productivity software brands including Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello. Their solutions help more than 170,000 businesses, and in this episode of the Breakout Growth Podcast Sean Ellis and Ethan Garr are joined by Atlassian’s Senior Growth Product Manager, Andrea Ho. 


Today, Atlassian is one of the most respected and fast-growing companies in the world, but it took some time before the company was able to dial in growth. Andrea says she and many others in Australia have been attracted to this “homegrown unicorn” because the company is always innovating in its quest to create valuable, self-serve, low CAC, affordable enterprise software.  


Atlassian has done an artful job of capitalizing on its successes. Building and acquiring valuable products that help customers achieve their goals has helped create a strong brand and a powerful word-of-mouth engine. Andrea’s team is then tasked with the “expansion” part of the company’s “land and expand” growth approach.  They focus on getting clients to adopt Atlassian solutions across the full organization as well as on driving customers from one product within the Atlassian ecosystem to another.  


This approach has helped create the company’s enormous value. Atlassian currently has a market cap of over $62 billion and a team of over 5000 employees. But Andrea explains there is always more work to be done, and the team is constantly working to evolve its growth process.


So join us as we learn what’s driving Atlassian’s breakout growth success.

We discussed:


* What’s a growth product manager vs. a product manager? (4:01)

* Atlassian’s rise to global success (9:30)

* Why having a revenue goal has been a good challenge for Andrea (15:33)

* The “why” behind Atlassian’s new North Star Metric (17:25)

* Insights into the growth team structure (24:40)

* The “land and expand” growth engine (27:52)

And much, much, more . . .

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