Krishnamurti on Religion

‘Religion is not the authoritarian, accepted form of religion, the state religion, the religion of belief, of faith, of dogma, of rituals, of worshipping a symbol.’

This week’s episode on Religion has five sections.

The first extract (2:24) is from Krishnamurti’s sixth talk in Ojai 1982, titled ‘What is religion?’

The second extract (19:07) is from the fourth talk in Madras 1974, titled ‘Religion is the core of a new culture’.

The third extract (33:38) is from Krishnamurti’s second talk in London 1982, titled ‘The religious mind’.

The fourth extract (47:31) is from the sixth talk in Saanen 1984, titled ‘The religious mind is in a state of creation’.

The final short extract (54:29) is from a recording by Krishnamurti in Ojai 1984, titled ‘Religion is a form of science’. This recording made for the book ‘Krishnamurti to Himself’ is an exclusive to this podcast and has not been made available before now.

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